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Ashton Eyes closeup

'Exodus' Series


                        Jifunza Jah

Jifunza is best know as Jiffy, She has been modeling for 13 years and her passion is to inspire others in loving their authentic self. Her inspiration is nature with its silence yet impactful energy.

2023_Jifunza _jah.jpg

Nyla Sincere

Nyla Sincere is a recent High School graduate and her passion is to become a multi- disciplined artist to engage within different mediums, such as painting, photography, graphic design to bring awareness to the struggles of the youth of today.


Mossy Oak

Mossy Oak represents the less road traveled during the slaves escape to freedom via the swamps of the south to the north.

      (Archival prints available upon request)


Ashton Abraham

Ashton is a published print, runway, commercial, and international model. 


Bay Bridge

This image represents the indoctrination of the African people against their will into a foreign land via sea on the shores of Beaufort, South Carolina. 

(Archival prints Available upon request)


Built to Rise

Built to Rise- this point of view builds a relationship to the struggles that black folk faced during their migration to the North, by being lynched, hung, strapped up and in turn it also represents the strength that was needed escape to a new beginning.

     (Archival Prints available upon request)

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